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Comparing Home Equity Loans with Short-term Borrowing Services

Home equity loans will carry lower rates than payday advances. But what good is a lower rate if the lending option you are approved for is 10, 50, even 100 times the amount of money you actually need?

When it comes to borrowing there are two main kinds - fast and slow loans. Home equity offerings are on the slower end, taking weeks to months to go through the approval process and actually get your money. And that's assuming you even qualify for the service in the first place - they will check your credit, they will check your income and they will check your outstanding debts.

But what if you need that money for something small? What if you require something more flexible? That's where we come in with our extensive network of trusted short-term lenders that can help you get back on the road to financial recovery. Our partners are committed to helping you get access to the money you require when there are no other viable options. If you need some funds to help you make it until your next paycheck, consider the benefits of short-term borrowing solutions offered by our trusted affiliates rather than an option that is difficult to qualify for.

Freedom and Flexibility Make Your Life Easier

Furthermore, the unsecured lending services you can take advantage of from our lenders will not weight heavily on your permanent record - you'll apply, use the money, and repay in a few weeks. With secured lending services you'll be stuck repaying that debt every months for years on end - a long time to wait to pay off your one time emergency obligation.

When it Comes to Requesting Money, Don't Overdo It

Home equity loans are incredibly powerful financial opportunities and can help people out from pretty much any financial emergency they face. It's the power of the money you have built up, tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars stored up and available for your personal use at any time, for any purpose. Consolidate debts, make major purchases, reinvest in your home or business... but can it help you dodge a bounced check at the very last minute?

Try Taking a Balanced Approach

Certainly, these lending solutions can help you power through any financial situation, but there are limitations, and there are certain aspects you should know:

  1. Most traditional home equity options are either for $30k or $50k, while most HELOCs demand a minimum end balance of around $7500. If you have a $300 obligation, and take out $50k? That's using a nuclear bomb to kill a mouse.
  2. The application process for any type of unsecured borrowing service usually takes weeks and demands extensive credit, income, and other financial checks. If you need cash tomorrow - or even next week - you might miss the mark.
  3. In order to qualify, you have to own a home and have some available equity to borrow against. Not everyone has it, and certainly not everyone owns their own house.

There are certainly people who are good candidates for secured borrowing services. In all likelihood, if you desire money quickly to cover smaller expenses, chances are you are not the best candidate - you need action, speed, a fast, affordable cash delivery in an amount small enough to take care of with that single paycheck. You don't need a bloated lending product with stringent qualification standards - instead rely on the ease and convenience of a short-term borrowing service! Consider your options then apply using our simple form located on this page.