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Short-term Borrowing Services for Military Personnel

If you are a military member looking for some financial assistance, you likely understand how challenging it can be to qualify for a short-term loan. Stringent regulations can make it difficult to get the money you need quickly. Thankfully, we have partnered with many providers that specialize in offering these types of services to all types of consumers - even active service personnel. Here are a few things that separate us from the rest:

  • We only provide assistance to applicants who can repay the amount they borrow, and our lending partners only approve an amount you can afford
  • We educate consumers before they apply for their first military payday loan - to be sure they understand the financial obligations and can prepare for a successful repayment

We have not only taken the headaches and hassles out of requesting funds in advance, but we've also taken out the grunt work of researching the topic. Instead of having to research companies individually, we have partnered with reputable companies to make up a large network you can rely on. We provide all the information you need to make an intelligent decision about which of the unsecured offerings is right for you. That's right, we're all about giving you viable options.

There are a few basic things that you have to look out for if you are researching your options and are interested in requesting a cash advance yourself. While there are plenty of honest sources out there, some are bad apples. You can reduce the chances of dealing with a bad one by asking yourself these simple questions before you sign any agreements:

  • How much do they really charge for the service? Some less-than-reputable providers will have hidden fees, high interest rates, and exorbitant rollover charges. Make sure you know what you will be paying for the convenience ahead of time - our partners only charge a flat-rate fee for the convenience.
  • Is the company licensed in the state that you live in? Some lending resources will affiliate themselves with out-of-state lenders who can then charge higher rates.
  • Are they willing to answer all your questions? If they provide precious little information or are hesitant to answer the questions you ask about the process, then there is most likely something they do not want you to know - do yourself a favor and stick to a company that is not hiding its policies- like ours.
  • Will they offer you a reasonable amount? Of course we can all be tempted by more cash, but this is money you will have to pay back. Only a responsible source will offer a sum that they are sure you can pay back. This is for your benefit and guarantees that you will not fall further into debt.

How You can get the Assistance You Need

A military payday loan works just like traditional one. Payday Now simply tailors the repayment plan to meet your individual monetary needs. Applying for one is very simple. You can get the money you need in no time. We feature access to the best short-term lending options for individuals who desire fast monetary assistance. Everyone requires support at some time. Consider letting us be the resource you count on to help you through this budgeting crisis. Sometimes, applicants request funds without understanding what is expected of them in return. Be aware that most short-term financial offerings have a service fee in addition to the approved principal amount. Most providers charge anywhere between $15 to $35 on every $100 borrowed. The amount borrowed and the service charge is expected to be paid by your next paycheck.

Armed service cash advances work just like traditional unsecured lending options. All applicants must meet basic requirements, apply, and wait to receive the money. They are a lot simpler than secured offerings from banks or credit unions because most individuals already qualify. However, individuals must still agree to pay the balance owed back on the agreed date. For many, these options generally have lower fees than most other consumer alternatives. Upon approval, the funds will be transferred electronically into the borrower's account. Consumers can request as much as $1500 at a time. On the date of repayment, the principal balance plus a nominal convenience fee is automatically withdrawn out of the checking or saving account.

We distinguish ourselves from other resources by guiding applicants through the process so they will have a positive experience. We do not stop at providing access to these borrowing products, but we also feature valuable information and access to the strongest network in the industry so you stand to make a more informed monetary decision. We are committed to helping you tackle debts and get your budget back on track. Don't spend any more time worrying about your particular fiscal situation and take action. Create a budget plan and determine if a short-term lending solution is the best option for you. The benefits our partners promote can be a great solution to your fiscal hardships - let us show you how to gain control of your situation by filling out our secure application form today. Take action by avoiding bounced checks and late fees. Receive the advanced funds you have been searching for. These products aren't for everyone, so it is important to know if they will benefit you in some capacity. Start your application and take that first step toward your own financial security - you deserve it.

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